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Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Winners!

After a fabulous day of performances by all scholarship participants, WMC is pleased to announce the recipients of our six scholarships.

This event is annual, and took place this year on May 13 at Eva Clare Hall, University of Manitoba, adjudicated by Dawn Bruch-Wiens, Loren Hiebert, and Charles Horton. These six artists will be featured on December 29, 2023, as part of our WMC Centre Stage Concert Series.

Christina Thanisch-Smith (WMC Scholarship $3000) is an alumna of McGill University (M.Mus.), the University of Manitoba (B.Mus./studio of Monica Huisman), Toronto Summer Music Festival, Wendy Nielsen's Opera Workshop, Stratford Summer Music Academy, and Opera NUOVA.

Ari Hooker (WMC Scholarship $2500) is currently in piano performance and composition at the University of Manitoba, where he studies with David Moroz. In March 2023, he premiered his Piano Concerto in C, live with MIDI orchestra at the UofM’s Eva Clare Hall. His highest aspiration is to become a film/media composer.

Alice Macgregor (Madeleine Gauvin Scholarship $2000) is a Tudor Bowl Winner (Wpg Music Festival), currently in Voice Performance at the University of Manitoba’s Desautels Faculty of Music, where she studies with Tracy Dahl.

Angela Suet Kee Ng (Holtby Scholarship $1500) is at the University of Toronto, where she studies with Jamie Parker. She was a Grand Prize winner in the Canadian Music Competition in 2017, and recipient of the Aikins Memorial Trophy with the Winnipeg Music Festival in 2021.

Sam Ferguson (Phyllis Ilavsky Scholarship $1500) is currently a student at Fort Richmond Collegiate. His long list of prizes includes scholarships from Winnipeg's local festivals, the Manitoba Band Association, and the 2023 Tanglewood Institute at Boston University.

River Sawchyn (Berythe Birse Scholarship $1000) holds trophies and scholarships from a variety of organizations. and is presently in Bachelor of Music and Violin Performance studies at Mercer University, Georgia. Also a composer, his works have been premiered by his contemporaries.


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