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2017/2018 Concert Series

2017/2018 Opening Concert - Gregory Lewis - violin with collaborative pianist Paul Williamson October 15th 2017

2017 Eckhardt-Gramatté National Music Competition Finalist Maeve Palmer - soprano with collaborative pianist - Joy Lee November 12th 2017

2017 WMC Scholarship Winners' Recital December 28th 2017 (left to right) Andrea Lett, Kristy Tucker, Paul Williamson, Yufei Liu, Nolan Powell

Luca Buratto - piano (intimate recital in partnership with the WSO) April 8th 2018

2018 WMC McLellan Competition for Solo Performance with the WSO April 15th 2018 (left to right) Andrea Lett, David Liam Roberts, Jessica Kos-Whicher

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2020-2021 Concert Series

Duo Beija Flor - Flute and Guitar October 14, 2020 Madeline Hildebrand - Solo Piano Recital YouTube premiere concert - March 30, 2021 The Zyra Trio - Gregory Lewis, David Liam Roberts, Paul Williamson


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