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2019 WMC Scholarship Winners' Recital

Congratulations 2019 Scholarship Winners!

On Sunday, December 29th 2019 - the six winners of the Scholarship Auditions held earlier in May 2019 - performed in the Muriel Richardson Auditorium and received their awards - totalling $11,500.  It was an incredible showcase of talent - Bravo to each of you!  Thank you also for such an appreciative audience who braved some very cold, windy weather to be in attendance.Left to right in the photo: Sydney Clarke - soprano - $3000 WMC Scholarship Winner;  Albert Chen - piano - $2500 WMC Scholarship Winner;  Amanda Robertson - clarinet - $2000 Madeleine Gauvin Scholarship Winner;  Juliana Moroz - cello - $1500 Holtby Scholarship Winner;  Nika Martinussen - piano - $1500 Phyllis Ilavsky Scholarship Winner and Elena Howard-Scott - soprano - $1000 Berythe Birse Scholarship Winner.


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