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WMC 2019/2020 Concert Series - Cancellation of final two concerts

Cancellation of final two concerts of our 2019/2020 concert series2020 WMC McLellan Competition for Solo Performance with the WSO We are so sorry to advise that, after consultation with the WSO, the WMC McLellan Competition scheduled for April 15th 2020 has been cancelled.  The WMC has allocated the WMC McLellan Competition awards of $20,000 to the three finalists, by dividing the funds equally. Adam Luther - tenor and Madeline Hildebrand - piano The WMC's final concert scheduled for April 26th 2020 featuring Adam Luther and Madeline Hildebrand has also been cancelled. The WMC thanks our dedicated audience during this past season for their support and wishes everyone the best in these uncertain times.  Stay well. The WMC will be offering our subscribers the option of a $50 tax receipt or a $50 refund for the loss of the two final concerts.  If anyone has already purchased single tickets on line for the two cancelled concerts through Eventbrite, you may contact the WMC through our website - or by phoning 204-944-9431 and indicate your option of a tax receipt or refund for the ticket(s) purchased. We look forward to preparing our concert series for the year ahead - with the many challenges still facing us.  Music helps to feed our souls - may your days be filled with the magic of music.  'Till we meet again........


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